Extraordinary Scholar

“Dr. Timothy San Pedro has a generous spirit and caring nature and has become a constant testiment of who I now know him to be. Tim is an extraordinary scholar and someone I call brother. As truly he is family in our collective endeavors to lift and support the voices and brilliance of other Indigenous people. The academy and our world is fortunate to have access to such a knowledge holder as Dr. San Pedro.”

Renalda Freeman, Direction/Research Coordinator for the Indigenous Research Center at the Salish and Kootenai College

Creative & Compassionate

“Dr. San Pedro is a creative, meticulous, and caring scholar in a profession where those three words aren’t often placed together. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to think through research ideas with him and witness the compassion and thoughtfulness he brings to his teaching!”

Stephanie Toliver, Assistant Professor of Literacy and Secondary Humanities at the University of Colorado Boulder

Exceptional Professor

“Dr. San Pedro is an exceptional professor who not only studies Humanizing Pedagogies but embodies every aspect of this pedagogy in his teaching and learning. I have grown not only as a scholar but also as a person as I learn to listen deeply and with intention to the experiences of others in order to understand our collective experiences in education. He provided feedback to each of us along the way so that we will know exactly who we are as learners and how we are growing in our scholarship. I have enjoyed immensely learning with and from him.”

Dr. San Pedro masterfully generates that much needed balance between learning content and creating community—artfully and skillfully weaving, co-creating a way through the learning process.   

Seamlessly shifting between independent learning and interdependent understanding leaves me wanting to know more about Dr. San Pedro’s learning journey to understand this way of being and in developing a certainty that I can be an Indigenous researcher/scholar.     

Dr. San Pedro invites his students to be comfortable with sharing who they are with a purpose:  to find connections, to learn who you are in relation to me and who I am in relation to you.  When this is a beginning point, interdependent learning unfolds.  The once stifling hold of independent learning unravels as collective learning from and with emerges.  

Learning spaces with Dr. San Pedro are places where students can be fully themselves, where Indigenous students can be fully Indigenous.  Where my emotions, experiences and ways of understanding are understood as valid and valued.  

Creating learning spaces where students’ stories about who they, how they came to understand who they are at this moment and how this knowing informs and inspires ambitious academic agendas is how Dr. San Pedro amplifies the teaching climate for a co-created learning community.   Modeling the depth of vulnerability that is acceptable, he shares his story.”

– Shannon Gonzales

Shannon Gonzales

Marvelous Mentor

“Dr. Timothy San Pedro has been my Cultivating New Voices fellowship mentor since the fall of 2020. As an early career scholar, Tim has helped me navigate the job market and given me invaluable advice regarding publishing and my new faculty role. Tim isn’t just a mentor, he quickly became family. We’ve presented together, spent writing sessions together and most importantly his authenticity and love for his work inspires me to be the best version of myself. When the academy feels antithetical to who I am, I’m grateful to have a role model like Tim to ground me, as he is an example of a scholar who exudes radical love and justice.”

Hui-Ling Malone, Assistant Professor of English Education at Michigan State University

Decolonizing Education

Decolonizing Education

“Dr. Timothy San Pedro is a guiding light in the world of decolonizing education. His commitment to helping Indigenous students find their voices in educations spaces and beyond is unparalleled. I have known Dr. San Pedro since we were undergrad students at the University of Montana. He wasn’t just a student of the assignments there, he was learning about the things that schools have yet to teach. Those things that he learned set him apart from so many others; he knows that we have work to do to decolonize everywhere, but especially the educational system. Having worked on book projects like Protecting the Promise: Indigenous Education Between Mothers and Their Children, I know how ingrained justice and connection influence Dr. San Pedro’s framework and research. His light can be seen even in the deepest colonial psyche.”

Roo Dowd, MBA, Executive Director of Spectrum Center and owner at Redfox Consulting

Student Feedback from Dr. San Pedro’s Graduate Coursework

Student Feedback from Dr. San Pedro’s Graduate Coursework

You are one of the best professors I’ve had. I felt encouraged and I felt that you took time to read our responses and make meaning from them. You practice what you preach, as you emulated what it looks like to act with reciprocity with your students by learning with us. Also, you rooted our learning in our own questions, interests & stories, which caused classes to be so engaging. Thank you.

Student Testimonial

This is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken at Ohio State, including my undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs. What an incredible community that was created in this course, and what a wonderful experience.

Student Testimonial

I am so thankful for this class, and for Dr. San Pedro. This is my second class with him, and both have been among the best experiences I’ve had at Ohio State. He is above all kind, thoughtful, and compassionate, but those things translate so incredibly well to his teaching and to the experience he creates for his students. Few things make me happier than signing up for a class and seeing that Tim San Pedro is teaching it. Thanks for a great semester!

Student Testimonial

Attention To Detail

“By far, the most prepared, engaging, stimulating graduate level course I have taken. The course was so well organized and followed a natural progression of information. Dr. San Pedro took care not only to structure course content, but also devoted the time to learn about and understand his students. He recognized our individuals strengths and how those strengths might best–contribute to class discussion while also challenging us to reflect and identify gaps in our own practice and construct strategies to address these deficiencies.

Because of his attention to detail and keen perception as an invested educator, Dr. San Pedro quickly established an environment where student opinions were encourage and valued. He welcomed continuous feedback so that he might improve upon his practice and communication. That he was able to accomplish this in a fully–virtual format is even more astounding. The class, content, and instruction have made a significant impact on me as a 20+ year public school educator. I am grateful for the experience to learn with my colleagues under the expert guidance of Dr. Timothy San Pedro.”

Student Review

More Than A Class

“This class impacts me not only academically, but also personally. It is more than just a class because we build an engaging, loving, and growth–oriented community through story–sharing, listening to others, facilitating, and discussion. Diversity and equity are not just gimmicks we discuss in class but we breathe and live in them and we vow to continue working towards social justice, diversity, and equity in our work. So inspiring and empowering. Dr. San Pedro also teaches and shows us what it means to be human beings and we all have the power to bring about social change to make this world a better place. I’m just sad that this course is going to be over soon. I guess I’m sentimental here. Sorry. Love this class and the loving people in it so much.”

Student Review

Brother Scholar

“While on our doctoral journeys together at Arizona State University, Dr. Timothy San Pedro quickly became my connection to home – my brother. Throughout the last ten years, he has proven to be the epitome of a scholar who is centered on reciprocity and giving back to the communities in which he was raised and adopted into. Dr. San Pedro not only strives to elevate our voices and stories, but has donated a tremendous amount of time teaching and speaking for Salish Kootenai College students and scholars within our Indigenous Research Methodologies & Methods Certificate and our new Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed. Program, which contains two foci – Integrated Indigenous Education and Literacy, Equity, and Excellence. Dr. San Pedro is assisting in building capacity within a new generation of Indigenous scholars who aim to contribute to our communities. Yepn lemlmtš, islax̣t.”

—Michael Munson, Dean of the Native American Studies Division at the Salish and Kootenai College